We bring the freshness, nutrients and wholeness of organic meat, dairy and produce from local Certified Organic, Amish and Mennonite farmers to you.

Our Mission

  • To provide the highest quality organic and wholesome products at an affordable price.
  • To offer a diverse product line emphasizing quality, nutrition, and social and environmental responsibility.
  • To develop and support local Ontario farmers who are committed to providing a quality product while working in harmony with nature.

Why Buy Organic?

  • Buying organic keeps harmful chemicals, hormones, and GMO’s off your plate; protecting individuals’ health, particularly our children.
  • Buying organic sustains and develops local communities and supports local farmers.
  • Organic farmers respect our resources, build healthy soil, and work in harmony with nature.
  • Promotes natural balance between humans and nature.

Why BlossomPure?

  • At BlossomPure we deal directly with local farmers, cutting out the middle-man. Therefore, we can better offer our customers fresh products at low prices.
  • At BlossomPure we believe in our community by supporting local agriculture and spreading awareness of the benefits of healthy eating.

Why BlossomPure Organic Meat?

  • Our animals are ethically raised; they are not confined or injected with harmful growth hormones.
  • They are fed only organic feed and are slaughtered without stunning or electrocution.
  • They are raised on local Ontario farms by certified organic farmers.

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