Fresh lamb and beef have arrived yesterday. Our butcher showcased his skills on them this morning (see photos.) The lamb was raised on spring and summer pasture (last June and into the Fall.) They were fed hay in the winter. As always, our meat is organic-halal, and the animals were grass-hay-fed, raised in open spaces with free roaming and grazing and ethically treated all the way.IMAG0065 IMAG0067 IMAG0066 IMAG0068

Our unrivaled BlossomPure peach and blueberry jams are here.
– Get a free jar of the peach jam when you spend $150+ (while supplies last)
– or spend $75+ and get 50% off of a jar of peach jam (while supplies last)
We also have fresh turkey (whole/parts), fresh steak, chicken, deli meat*, produce, dairy…and more.
* as you might already know, our deli meat doesn’t contain any nitrates or fillers or any preservatives. It’s just our own organic-halal cured meat and spices.IMAG0026IMAG0019IMAG0016IMAG0021

For the second time in three years, the Toronto Sun has published an article on us. “BlossomPure Joy” is the title of the article that was published last week (the first * was published in June, 2012.) We are glad that our unrelenting hard work is getting noticed. We also have to take this opportunity to say that our unwavering desire to bring the best food within your reach and your loyalty and support over the years have both been great sources of motivation that keep propelling us forward and fuel our success. BlossomPure continues to be the source of organic-and-halal meat and other food products, and we strive to exceed your expectations while supporting local farmers and sustainable farming.

Here is the URL to the article:

URL to the previous article Organic Purveyor Blossoms*:

* apparently a technical glitch assigned the wrong photo to the 2012 article–nevertheless, the photo is a yummy one :)

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To our valued customers:

BlossomPure Organic will be closing its Lakeshore store in May of 2014.

BlossomPure will continue business at the larger and newer space at 100 The East Mall, unit 15. We are deeply grateful for your business over the past 12 years, and hope to be able to continue to serve you from our new store.

Thank you to all of our Lakeshore customers for your continued support and friendship. We look forward to seeing you again soon at 100 The East Mall.

Valued Customers:

BlossomPure’s East Mall (Etobicoke) location has moved to Unit 15 (the corner unit) of the plaza! We will be open for business by Saturday, September 14th.

See you soon!



The variety of eggs, fresh from the hens


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